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Chain guide profiles

Material: Polyethylene PE—This is the plastic material which is most
suited to the manufacture of lateral guides subject to sliding
control,thanks to an extremely low coefficient of friction,excellent wear
resistance and zero absorption(important in water lubricated

PE polyethylene also offers high resistance to chemical attack and good
sound absorbing qualities .


H537 Metal profile

H368 Chain guide profile

H219 Conical Side Guides

H538-2 E Type Plastic and aluminium Chain Guide profile

H366N Plastic Chain Guide profile

H367N Plastic Chain Guide profile

H 15 Aluminum Side Guides

H 23 The end plug

H23 Protecting Bush

H35 Protecting Bush

H 80 Sonnect Sockets

HG051 Plastic Chain Guide profile

H550 Plastic Chain Inlet Guide Shoe

H580-32 Roller Side Guide

H580-64 Roller Side Guide

H581-32 .5 Roller Side Guide

H581-65 Roller Side Guide

H128-47 U1 Straight Run Roller Side Guide

H128-73 U2 Straight Run Roller Side Guide

H128-99 U3 Straight Run Roller Side Guide

H128-125 U4 Straight Run Roller Side Guide